Recount workers want efforts to continue in Ingham until finished


(WLNS) – After the back and forth of whether or not we would have a recount in Michigan, workers in Ingham say despite how intricate the steps are, they want to finish what they started.

The process of recounting the votes starts before the ballots are even taken out of the bag.

“Make sure the container doesn’t have any rips or holes or anything like that that would allow ballots to be removed or inserted,” Ingham County Clerk Barb Byrum said.

People working to recount votes must check seals and the number of ballots, all as a level of security before the recount itself can even begin.

“There was about a 3 inch holes in the zipper, they just hadn’t zip tied it where the zipper pulls together, so we could no do a recount on that bag,” Democrat Recount worker Lauren Olson said.

There are also observers and challengers who make sure the ballots are being counted correctly.

“This is a human process, therefore there is opportunity for error,” GOP Observer Lisa Busch explained.

Not everyone supported having a recount, but now that it has started volunteers and workers say stopping now would make the time they’ve already spent recounting a waste.

“I think that now that we’re in it, although I was completely against it, I think that we probably should just move forward,” Busch said.

“I mean we might a well continue it, we’ve already made a really good start,” Olson said.

As for planning for the recount to stop abruptly, Byrum says she is focused on the current task at hand.

“I’m not sure at this time because quite frankly I’m not focused on that, I’m focused on getting though this recount as efficiently and as transparently as possible”.

Byrum says they might be able to finish up at Ingham by Wednesday if the pace continues as fast as it has gone.

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