Red Cedar Development raises doubts after Lansing City Council meeting


The red cedar project, said to be a game changer, is raising doubts after last night’s city council meeting. 

“It seems that this is our seventh amendment to the development agreement. I was supportive of this project in its early stages. I remained optimistic about this project through the changes, and every time the changes come to us it’s a less inspiring project and looks like anything you find in suburbia,” Lansing City Councilmember Peter Spadafore said. 

Spadafore said the project was originally going to have hundreds of multi-family units.

“We’re now down to nine two bedroom apartments and hundreds of studios and one-bedroom apartments,” he said. 

Developers also proposed two hotels, assisted living, restaurants, retail space, an amphitheater, and a public park, but based on what the city council saw at last night’s meeting, that has changed. 

“It’s not the game-changing proposal that has been talked about for a number of years. We’re now down to a medical care facility, graduate student housing, and basically dormitories with hotels,” Spadafore said. 

Developers, on the other hand, say nothing about the project has changed.

“The reality is that the numbers that they were talking about yesterday at council with the one-bedroom and the studios were absolutely flat out wrong,”  Executive Project Manager for Ferguson Development Christopher Stralkowski said. “There are no studio apartments. There’s one and two-bedrooms. anything that’s changed really just comes down to where the student housing was and where it is now and the re-configuration of the multi-family.”

The Lansing City Council voted to approve a public hearing for the project to be held April 8th at 7 p.m.

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