Red Cross encouraging people to give with meaning this season


It’s the season for giving, but many forget, the need for blood, doesn’t take a holiday.

“We typically see blood donations decline during the holiday season and into the New Year due to holiday plans, people are traveling, people are spending time with family and friends, so often, blood donation, platet donation will take kind of a backseat,” says Todd Kulman, Communications Manager for the Red Cross.

According to Kulman, the organization has a critical need for donations.

He says, with the icy roads and flu season approaching, it’s not uncommon they see fewer people willing to give this time of year.

“We’re basically transferring our blood products to the hospitals as soon as they’re coming in uh so we don’t really have a whole lot of uh blood on the shelves at the current time, it’s being donated, and then being sent out to the hospitals that we serve,” Kulman says.

Kulman says, every two seconds, someone, just in the U.S. alone, needs a blood donation.

“It’s the blood that’s on the shelves now that helps in the event of an emergency later. We never know when there could be a major accident, a major weather issue that might cancel blood drives across the nation so having a good supply on hand right now is certainly important when that emergency arises,” says Kulman.

That’s why he encourages people to take just one hour, and give with meaning this holiday season to save lives.

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