LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) — Imagine waking up one day and finding out you have to move by the end of it. That’s what happened to four people who live in a Bath Township apartment complex after officials came by and declared it “unsafe to live.”

Michigan State University sophomore Paige Sakorafos and her three roommates moved to the Village at Chandler Crossings back in August, but in the time since her kitchen has been sealed off, and city officials deemed the whole place unsafe to live in since last Friday.

“This has been set up like this since October 10th,” Sakorafos said “It’s very stressful. It’s definitely taken a hit on my schoolwork and stuff.”

For junior Nicole Cohoon, floods like this one from more than a month ago have caused water damage to walls and units in the building.

“So that was the first flooding was I just woke up and my toilet was overflowing,” Cohoon said. “And the second one was this flooding. Their sprinklers went off. And these walls have just been open since. I’m not even sure it’s probably been like a month.”

Sakorafos and her roommates now live in another unit in a new building while they try to move everything out of the old one.

“The air fryer and the toaster are our main sources of cooking right now,” Sakorafos said.

6 News has covered several stories told by students living at Chandler Crossings, frustrated with mold, dirt, and maintenance issues that lingered from the time they moved in.

A spokesperson for Pierce Education Properties, which owns Chandler Crossings, sent us a statement explaining that there were four units red-tagged at The Village, two of which were empty, and that people who lived in the other ones were promptly moved to new apartments.

They say this all happened after a resident damaged a sprinkler head, not because of cleanliness or mold. Sakorafos has advice to other students.

“Be persistent if you’re having a problem,” Sakorafos said. “Don’t be afraid to contact like the health department.”

6 News has also reached out to the building inspectors who put up the red tags, we’re waiting to hear back.