LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) – 6 News has been shining a light on major issues renters are facing at Marvin Garden Apartments in south Lansing, including a lack of heat, and flooding.

Another man says he’s had enough.

Jeff Filip is looking for a new place to live.

After he says he had no heat on Christmas Eve, and his apartment flooded on Christmas day.

But it’s the bugs that pushed him over the edge.

“They gave me this air mattress and some Popeyes chicken, that was it,” he said.

Filip says he received this two days after Christmas when pipes burst and flooded his apartment at Marvin Gardens.

“I had to find maintenance myself the very next day.”

Not able to afford renters insurance, he was left with just a table, some furniture, dishes, and a few pairs of clothes.

Two days later, he moved his things into a unit that he says used to be the leasing office.

The unit right across the hall has been red-tagged like at least more than a handful of others at the complex.

“Appearance-wise, it’s not that bad ya know,” said Filip.

But he says every morning he wakes up. It’s to at least one cockroach.

“I’m not used to living like this. I didn’t grow up like this, this is unacceptable. It’s disgusting, I don’t live with roaches, I never have in my entire life and when I woke up two mornings in a row with a roach in my bed, that crossed the line,” said Filip.

We reached out to the company that manages this complex, Simtob.

The managing partner didn’t answer any specific questions about Filip, but says the city of Lansing has removed all pink tags and that the company has completed all repairs requested by Lansing code enforcement.

But our 6 News cameras saw buildings pink-tagged.

As for the critters, Simtob says pest control treatments and cleaning crews are onsite weekly.

But with a mail slot on the door and no weather stripping, Filip says that’s not enough. He says management told him his only option now is to stay in that unit, sign another 12-month lease, and pay more each month.

But one thing is certain for him and his rescue dog Scoobie.

“Either way, I’m leaving here today. One way or another. I can’t stay here anymore, I can’t live with roaches.”

Filip says he’s in talks with the Lansing Housing Commission and two city council members to help him find a new place to stay.

6 News tried multiple times today to speak with code compliance for the city of Lansing about the tagged apartment units but have not heard back yet.