Reminders for driving in the snow


Crews are still hard at work tonight clearing up the roads after last night’s snowfall. Whether it’s salting, sanding or plowing, officials want to make sure everyone stays safe behind the wheel. 

Even though the mid-Michigan area won’t get another dose of heavy snow for a few days, officials say it’s still important that people remember some safe driving tips. You should still have an emergency kit in your car with a flashlight, cold weather gear like gloves and scarves, snacks and extra batteries. One official from the Ingham County Sheriff’s Department says drivers should also be prepared for other winter safety hazards on the roads over the next few days.

“It’s still windy out, so there’s going to be a lot of snowing and drifting even though the snow is done,” says Rob Dale of Ingham County Homeland Security and Emergency Management. “We’ll have some reduced visibility, so be alert for that. If you do hit an area where you simply can’t see, don’t stop on the road. We’ve had that happen on occasion. You don’t want to stop; but at least slow everything down and make sure you have all your lights on so you can see and be seen.”

Dale also says the Ingham County Sheriff’s Department hasn’t seen as many accidents as they expected today, but the ones they have seen were mostly caused by people driving too fast. 

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