Rep. Elissa Slotkin gives her first ‘State of the 8th District’


EAST LANSING, Mich. (WLNS)– Local congresswoman Elissa Slotkin gave her first ‘State of the 8th District’ tonight at East Lansing High School.

Representative Slotkin talked about issues she’s been trying to tackle the past year, including lower the price of drugs, PFAS and securing the border.

She also talked about bills that she’s introducing.

One of them would focus on lowering the cost of drugs.

“I’m announcing today that I’m co-leading a major bi-partisan piece of legislation in the house called the insulin price reduction act,” said Rep. Slotkin.

She also announced a bill that would focus on securing the U.S. Mexico border.

“New technology that is now available are some of the best ways to protect the border and whether you’re a wall supporter or not a wall supporter, I think everyone understands that we want secure borders,” said Rep. Slotkin.

Everyone there wasn’t in support to Slotkin though.

Protesters came with “Impeach Slotkin, Keep Trump” signs, showing their disapproval for Slotkin’s decision to vote yes on the impeachment of the president.

“I made the decision to support to the impeachment vote I really thought about it and tried to wind my way though it to be honest with you, I understood that it would be deeply controversial, I understood that I could loose my job,” said Rep. Slotkin.

Last night was the GOP public forum in Howell, where five candidates, who will all be on the August Primary ballot, went head to head. All of who are hoping to face Slotkin in November for a spot in Congress.

Republican candidate, Christina Lyke, will be on the ballot in August and also attended tonight’s event.

“I wish them nothing but luck,” said Rep. Slotkin.

After her first ‘State of the 8th District,’ Representative Slotkin says she hopes people will walk away with high expectations for their elected officials.

“I think it’s important to explain what a new generation of leadership looks like, I think that people want to believe that there is a positive hopeful vision for how we can lead the country and I hope to give them some sense to that,” said Rep. Slotkin.

You can watch the full address here.

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