LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) – Yes, you read that headline right. A Michigan State Representative has announced plans to form a commission to study another newly-formed commission.

State Rep. Angela Rigas, a Republican from West Michigan, wants to form a commission that would investigate another commission.

That commission was formed to investigate Michigan’s population retention problems.

“This seems to be the thing to do in Lansing when faced with a serious issue,” Rigas said in a statement.

“I realized through recent announcements that creating commissions is much simpler than actually solving problems. These commissions don’t have to be bipartisan or reflect the people’s voice, according to the Democrats. They can simply be handpicked by the Governor to deliver the results they already have in mind. Then, when they provide their ‘bipartisan’ report, it won’t be their fault if people don’t like the decisions they make. That’s how unserious these Lansing insiders are. It’s no wonder people have no trust in Lansing.”