LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) – Residents of Holmes Apartments were moved into Pacific Apartments after multiple units in Holmes were red-tagged.

When they found their new building, it was pink-tagged. The city inspected the homes on Friday.

But before residents even finished moving in, they were told the building failed inspection and they had to leave again.

But at least one person was not surprised.

“I have no confidence in management to have gotten all their ducks in a row before relocating us to this place. It really just kinda leaves my living situation up in the air,” said resident Arechne Siofra.

Siofra lived at Holmes Apartments for six months before he was forced to leave.

He says this is what he has come to expect from Simtob Management: the company that owns the apartments. He claims whenever he reached out for help no one ever came.

“It made me you know a little apprehensive to call anytime something wrong with the unit cause I knew it would get dismissed or I would get talked down to,” he said.

Code enforcement officers did note progress on the property at Pacific Apartments as most of the units were newly renovated.

But they say the building failed to comply with a few things such as broken windows, secure plumbing panel covers, and replacing some light bulbs.

Until that is done, the city says it will put six people up in hotels for the weekend.

“Then we will be working with the COC to find permanent safe housing for these residents.,” said Lansing Development Manager Barbara Kimmel.

But getting a hotel doesn’t work for Siofra because, like many people, he has pets.

“It really just leaves myself and my cats in the [dark] for a place to stay in the interim while this gets all figured out,” said Siofra.

Simtob Management has the weekend to get the building at Pacific Apartments up to code.
If not, the building will stay pink-tagged. If that happens, the city and the company figure six people will be left without a place to stay.

Simtob Management, the company in charge of the buildings, sent the following statement to 6 News:

We understand the confusion surrounding 1317 E Kalamazoo St, the units that residents from 2222 W Holmes Rd have been transferred to. These units have been fully renovated and awaiting inspection from the City of Lansing since January of 2023. We understand that the city has their hands full with other priorities, but we were not able to get an inspection scheduled for two months prior to us reaching out requesting the inspection. The city conducted their inspections today, March 24th and deemed they are unable to remove the pink tags. The City of Lansings reasoning for this included two boarded up windows of vacant units that are not pre-leased as well as very minor repairs such as securing plumbing panel covers, light bulbs and stove knobs missing. Our maintenance team was on site fixing these issues as they were pointed out but the city still declined to remove the pink tags due to the window that we already have on order. We are still awaiting the finalized inspection list from the City of Lansing but are completing the items requested via a photograph of the inspectors notepad. Our maintenance team will be working all weekend and we have a re-inspection scheduled for this Monday, March 27th. The 6 residents that were relocated from Holmes Apartments have been moved to hotels for the weekend. A statement from one resident, Monica Slone says “Thank you so much for fixing a new unit up for us to move. We love the new place. The neighborhood is actually nice and the neighbors are so nice too.” She continued to express her gratitude for the assistance Simtob Management & Investment provided during this unfortunate experience.

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