Replica money circulating in Mid-Michigan


A warning for business owners in Mid-Michigan. Owosso police say replica money has been used at least three different times at businesses there. The bogus bucks were seized over the weekend and consist of two $20 bills and one $100 bill.

Investigators say someone tried to pass the $100 bill at a gas station, but the attendant did not accept it. Two separate pizza delivery drivers took the fake $20 bills and after returning to the pizza shop noticed they were fake and called authorities. Officials say both pizza customers who paid with the bogus money were contacted, but both said they did not know they were replica bills.    

Owosso officials say replica money can be purchased online through sites like Amazon, but despite clear indications on the bills indicating they are not real, police officer Michael Olsey says they can easily get distributed to unknowing businesses.

“If you were to take a real $20 and put a fake one in the middle and a real one on the bottom side, if someone isn’t marking them with a pen or not taking each one off and fanning them out, then that’s how someone can sneak one in there.”

It’s illegal to possess, produce, or distribute counterfeit money — and authorities stress the importance of inspecting cash that you’re given. If you have any information on these specific incidents, you are asked to contact the Owosso Police Department 989-725-0580.

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