Residents concerned about apartment complexes without heat or running water


We’ve been getting calls from concerned viewers about two buildings that have been having problems: Lansing Towers in Lansing and Edgewater Apartments in Eaton Rapids.

A plumber 6-News spoke with today says as the temperatures get warmer, frozen pipes begin to thaw and that’s when problems can set in.

“The froze lines will plug the leak that it created so once that thaws, you have the full water flow to it can be a mess,” says Wendell Burford, plumber with Tri-County Plumbing and Drain Cleaning Inc. 

Photos sent to 6-News by a tenant living in the Lansing Towers apartment complex show low temperatures and no running water.

She claims she has not had heat or running water since last week.. and she’s not the only one.

At least two other tenants have also come forward saying this isn’t the first time these services have been shut off.

6-News reached out to the management company for the apartment complex.

Officials there say they only learned about the problem this morning and there is a contractor out today working to fix the issue.

They hope to have the problem fixed by tonight.

Burford says it could be related to the freezing temperatures.

“If the water flow quits working in any fixture or any faucets are like that that’s usually an indication that it’s freezing up,” says Burford.

In addition to Lansing Towers, tenants at Edgewater Apartments in Eaton Rapids have also reported similar problems.

Photos were sent to us by a tenant who says the heat and water issues started there last month.

6-News spoke with Eaton Rapids city officials who say they’re working with the apartment’s management company to get services restored as quickly as possible.

Officials have been in the complex talking with tenants over the weekend trying to solve the problem.

But for Burford, he says, frozen pipes aren’t an easy fix.

“You pretty much repair one leak and then you go to the next one, and then you go to the next one, you keep turning the water on and off between,” says Burford.

If you’re experiencing problems, there are resources out there like Michigan 2-1-1 that may be able to help.

We will continue to keep you updated on these stories as they develop.

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