LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) – People who live at a Lansing apartment complex will be staying the night somewhere else.

This comes after owners of Everett Apartments ran into code issues, leaving some units in need of major repair. 

City officials told 6 News that code enforcement officers were already called out before for safety and health issues.

A city spokesperson says when pink notices were posted, the property owner told the city that repairs would be made immediately. 

Code enforcement officers say a new visit on Wednesday showed that those repairs were not made, causing some units to be marked as unsafe to live in. City officials were notified that people who live in these units are being moved to safer ones.

One woman who lives at Everett Apartment in Lansing spoke with 6 News under a condition of anonymity after her apartment along with seven others were locked after failing to meet code requirements.

She says it was not the first time the complex had issues with the city. Last year, she says the building lacked working smoke detectors in the hallway and up-to-date fire extinguishers.

Earlier this year, she says a code enforcement officer left a notice because of sewage backup issues.

“We were all left in the dark as far as knowing what was happening and how bad the basement was at the time. They had the doors locked so you couldn’t go down there until a few of months ago. They opened the doors up and left them open so you could go down there and see how bad it was,” she said.

She says the unfinished basement had what looked like mold growing on the walls, leaving a smell throughout the building.

A City of Lansing spokesperson says in an email the property owner, superior management systems, said they would fix building issues after previously getting “pink tagged” for “health and safety” issues by code enforcement officers.

But another visit on Wednesday showed that didn’t happen.

He says the landlord offered to put people in a hotel for the night with a long-term plan to find them safer units.

In a statement, a member of Superior Management Systems did not say why the building closed but did say: “we are committed and diligently working with the city of Lansing to approve the building permit application and resolution of compliance items.”

For one tenant, she says it’s frustrating to be caught between her landlord and the city.

“I mean if we had to move out, and we had a couple of days even, it would have been better than a couple of hours.”

Lansing’s Human Relations and Community Service Department was also notified in case any more help was needed.

Superior Management Systems sent WLNS the following statement after we first published this story on Wednesday.

We see the article posted by your organization earlier, and it seems to accurately reflect the details.

In all good spirit, everybody has a safe place to stay tonight and other housing options are being presented to the households affected by this issue.

We are committed and diligently working with the City of Lansing to approve the building permit application and resolution of compliance items.

Superior Management Systems