LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) – People at a Lansing apartment complex say they’ve had enough. Their homes are infested with roaches and the entire complex is a mess.

People at Marvin Gardens in Lansing say they are living in conditions that no one should, with bugs climbing out of refrigerators and cabinets, no locks on any of the entrances and there are homeless people sleeping in the hallways.

When 6 News arrived at Marvin Gardens, people began to shout out of their windows. All of them wanted to show us their living conditions.

When we walked in, we were shocked by what we saw. Urine stains in the hallways, and when we opened up a cupboard, dozens of cockroaches came running out.

This was just one of the many apartment units we saw that were infested with bugs.

“They started going from my kitchen into my front room, bathroom now they were all over the place. They just started forming lots of them up in the ceilings and they were just all over,” said Deborah Bentley, a resident at Marvin Gardens.

She says the infestation has gotten so bad she had to move into another apartment without her stuff.

“I had to get rid of everything I had to get rid of my furniture. You know I couldn’t take none of my clothes. I couldn’t take none of my belongings,” said Deborah.

To make matters worse, people say they feel scared for their safety as anyone can come into the building.

When we first showed up a man warned us to not go inside alone saying, if we did we might be shot.

“Somebody tried to come through my door. I mean twisting the knob and everything thinking they had the key and everything. If I was here by myself there’s no telling what could have happened,” said Ordena Young, a resident at Marvin Gardens.

Young says this is just the start of her problems. She can’t even use her toilet.

“I have to take jugs of water to flush my toilet plus disinfect it to try to keep the smell down,” Young said.

While 6 News was on the scene, a code enforcement officer from the city pink-slipped every entrance at the complex. That means the owners have 30 days to fix the problem.

We contacted the management company that now owns the apartment building. They responded by saying that they have invested $4.3 million dollars into three buildings across Lansing in the past month and that they plan on making the building pest free.

We will be sure to follow up and see if they do.