Restaurant draws new crowd to old side of town


Taco lovers.. a new restaurant recently opened in Old Town Lansing.

Punk Taco is a blend of Mexican cuisine with American flavors and it’s drawing in a huge crowd.

“We’re making chicken and we use blue cheese and pickles as part of the ingredients in it. Obviously not traditional Mexican flavors but that pairing together is really what we’re looking for,” says CEO of the Potent Potables Project, Sam Short.

Short says Old Town Lansing was the perfect fit for Punk Taco.

He says he hopes the joint will draw a new crowd to an old side of town.

“If you can go to an area where a lot of stuff’s happening, it’s where most people want to be. It’s fun, it’s dynamic. The energy in an area like that is great and in Old Town we have that,” says Short.

As for the name “Punk” Taco, owners say like the style of music, they’re all about attitude.

They want to continue growing and expanding, turning Old Town Lansing into a dining district.

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