The increased demand for children’s medicine is due to the recent surge in COVID-19, the flu and RSV cases among kids.

A spokesperson with the American Academy of Pediatrics said they have steadily seen more cases of all three in children within the last few weeks.

“Right now, we’re seeing a spike in COVID again. RSV is still around, flu is still around, and we’re having kids coming in,” said David Hill. “Now, with two or even three different respiratory viruses at the same time, which is something we didn’t use to be able to detect, but now we’re doing tests that show those things.”

Wilmington pharmacist Nick Cipriano said he has noticed the increased demand and shortages of over-the-counter children’s medicine and also said parents should be mindful when considering substitutes.

“With any medication, it’s just important that you’re treating the right thing, but with colds and flu specifically, you know medication, the data suggests that using medication won’t shorten the duration of your cold or flu,” said Cipriano.

Cipriano is also offering advice to parents who decide to give their children over-the-counter adult medicine.

“Each patient is different, just like an adult patient, but for children, there’s definitely a recommended dosing, depending on age and other factors of course,” said Cipriano.