RNC Chair Ronna McDaniel makes a stop in Lansing with the ‘Women for Trump’ tour bus


LANSING, Mich. (WLNS)– The Women for Trump Bus Tour made a stop in Lansing Sunday morning, as it makes it’s way across Michigan this week, working energize supporters in the final stretch until Election Day.

“I love coming to Lansing. This is where our headquarters were when I was Michigan party chair, but also bringing our message around the state and really talking about the policy differences between these two candidates,” Ronna McDaniel, Chair of the Republican National Committee said.

She was joined by RNC Committeewoman Kathy Berden, the Attorney General of Arkansas Leslie Rutledge, ‘Women for Trump’ Surrogate Aurelia Skipwith, and Black Voices Advisory Board member Deneen Borelli.

McDaniel said it’s not only important for emphasize how important it is to vote, but also helping educate people on the policies and the issues that each candidate stands for.

“President Trump has delivered so many of the promises he made 4 years. Passing USMCA, cutting taxes, deregulation, things that have helped the economy in Michigan and now coming out of this pandemic because of things like the PPP loan, 16-billion dollars have come to 128 thousand Michigan businesses. These are the types of things president trump is running on,” McDaniel said.

She added that she loves speaking with other women about these issues, because she believes women care about all issues.

“We are all issue voters. We make most of the health care decisions, we start small businesses, we care about our families, we care about education,” she said.

With Michigan being a battleground state, it will likely be a deciding factor in who becomes president.

“This is the biggest election in our lifetime. There’s a real important choice for Michiganders,” McDaniel said.

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