Road crews prepare to switch gears as temperatures warm up


MASON, Mich. (WLNS) – For the past week, it’s been all about salting and plowing for our local road crews.

But according to Ingham County Road Commission Director Bill Conklin, they’re getting ready to switch gears from plowing to patching.

“We’ll probably be transitioning right back into some patching this week as well, as soon as the temperatures get above freezing there’ll probably be some more potholes,” Conklin said.

The cold and snow have kept the roads frozen solid. But as things warm up this week, Conkilin says we will begin to see cracks in the infrastructure.

“The moisture gets in there, it freezes, it heaves up a little bit as the ice expands and then when we get those temperatures above freezing in the daytime the heavy traffic can break that up into a pothole,” Conlkin said.

He added that in mid-Michigan, things are bound to get worse, before they get better.

“That is the problem we have here in mid-Michigan and Southern Michigan in general is you get those back and forth temperatures late in the Winter, or even during January we had some of this and it plays havoc with the roads,” Conklin.

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