Road crews work to clear the snow


LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) – Slush and snow made for messy and dangerous driving conditions all day long and since early Friday morning, road crews have been out and about doing their part to clear the way.

“We’ve got a good 6 inches of snow and where we scraped is good traveling but where we haven’t been able to plow, it’s pretty thick,” said Joe Pulver; Managing Director of the Clinton County Road Commission.

Pulver says his drivers didn’t see a lot of drifting over the roads, streets or highways but says it was snowing so hard and for so long that it was difficult to keep up.

“We will hopefully get through everything tomorrow to get everybody cleaned out,” Pulver stated.

Meanwhile, the Ingham County Road Department says its crews did their best to clear as much snow as possible.

“They did try to get in to most of the main subdivisions, roads and other side roads. Our night shift will continue the effort and they’ve already started,” said Bill Conklin; Managing Director of the Ingham County Road Department.

And around the Jackson area…

“There’s still a few roads that have some accumulation of snow on them that we’ll have to clear off in the morning when crews come back in at 5 but in general all the primary roads, the state roads and most of the local roads I think are in pretty good shape,” said Bob Griffis; Director of Operations for the Jackson County Department.

Crews say they will be back out first thing Saturday morning.

Just a few  reminders: drivers should never pass a plow truck on the right hand side because a collision could happen and remember to park your car off the street to make it easier for crews to come through.

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