LANSING, Mich. (WLNS)- The decision by the Supreme Court kicked off a wave of protests and rallies in mid-Michigan on Friday.

Hundreds of pro-choice demonstrators gathered at the state capitol, while dozens of pro-life activists celebrated outside of the Michigan Hall of Justice.

Emotions were high and raw among the hundreds of pro-choice demonstrators attending one of several Planned Parenthood rallies around the state.

“Abortion is health care and the fact that that is being taken away is extremely scary not only for myself but for thousands of people need to be out here,” said Cassidy Thurmold, who attended the pro-choice rally. “The government needs to know that we care. And the more people that we have out here, the more people that will realize that this should have never happened.”

The crowd heard from Planned Parenthood of Michigan and state government leaders, like Dr. Sarah Wallett and Governor Gretchen Whitmer. Speakers laid out their plans to ensure abortion access is protected in the state. For Whitney Gliniecki, it was a sign that a new struggle has started.

“Oh there is still definitely a fight to continue towards. There’s a lot of local and state legislation that can impact all the things that are happening,” said Gliniecki.

Half a mile from the capitol, dozens of pro-life demonstrators celebrated the high court’s decision with music, speeches and prayer. Christen Pollo spoke with 6 News before the rally and said she sees the decision as a victory for state governments.

“This is the first step as we return the abortion decision back to the states. There’s still a lot of work ahead of us to secure human rights for all human beings in every state in the country. But we are celebrating the good news for human rights today,” said Pollo, the executive director of Protect life Michigan.

For Melinda Movius, she’s just happy to finally hear a decision.

“I’m kind of, honestly, I’m really relieved. I know there’s a lot of work to do but I’m just happy,” she said.

The rallies are just the start of a new uncertain chapter for abortion access in Michigan.