Frigid temperatures cause for more concern of house fires

Safety For You

When temperatures can get into the negatives, staying warm is a top priority and can make you easily forget to stay up on your heating system check ups.

Firefighters and heating technicians have been staying busy with house and building fires, checking smoke detectors and fixing buildings with no heat. They say to make sure to check your heating systems before turning them on in these frigid temperatures.

“Have your furnace checked on, have your chimneys flues checked on, make sure your electrical equipment is up and good. Don’t put them where a hot heater could light up a curtain, could light up clothing,” said Mason Fire Department firefighter, Patrick Hicks.

But if you do check your electrical wiring, furnace and space heaters, one heating technician says there is another factor that causes more fires than you think.

“Clutter, the furnace doesn’t need any attention, and there’s a lot of room by it so just stack stuff up next to it, and don’t worry about it because it’ll be okay and that’s nothing but a fire hazard, it’s like asking for trouble,” said L.E. Martin Enterprises technician Larry Smith.

Hicks added that it’s vital to check your chimneys, furnaces and space heaters before using them and if you think they could cause issues, it’s better to be safe than sorry, and get them checked out.

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