LANSING, Mich. (WLNS)–The 4th of July is filled with celebrations and loud fireworks, but for most household pets it could be terrifying.

Officials in Ingham County recommend giving pets a good hiding place. The hiding places could be located under a couch in a basement, or if you use a crate you can place a blanket over it.

Heidi Williams the Director of Ingham County Animal Control does not recommend taking your pet to go see the firework shows and says to keep your furry best friends indoors.

Williams says the sound of fireworks is ten times louder for pets than it is for humans.

“When we get scared by a loud bang, it’s absolutely terrifying to them,” Williams said. “Just remember to protect them like you would protect a baby, I mean they’re your kids and you know let’s make sure we give them what they need through this tough time.”

Williams stated the Ingham County Animal Shelter sees many more dogs coming in during the 4th of July holiday. Williams also recommends if you are taking your pet outdoors you can place a microchip for your pet or place a name tag on your pet with personal contact information.