Salt, Organization Helps Keep Lansing’s Road Safe


LANSING, MI (WLNS) – The city fired up its plows and salt trucks to clear the streets Tuesday. 6 News Intern Cat Reid had the chance to go inside the Lansing Public Service Department’s master control to find out how they get it all done.

Keeping Lansing streets clear is a big job, but it’s done with a fairly simple system.

“So we know where they’re at, we know approximately when they’ll get done, and we can track that and let people know what we’re doing,” said Chad Gamble, Lansing Public Service Department.

It’s a white board that lists the different plow and salt routes and their progress. On Tuesday the emphasis was on salting to clear sleet from the roads.

“It’s very valuable on a day like today when the temperatures are all over the chart.”

The city of Lansing has nine salt routes, and for a typical snow event like the one we’re seeing Tuesday, believe it or not, the city will go through 400 tons of salt. It’s all stored in warehouses.

“Yeah, we use quite a bit.”

But just because the snow melts doesn’t mean the salt trucks are finished working.

“They are a lot of times deployed for excavation activity and paving. Their busy times are coming up to allow us to prepare for actually repairing all the damage that the winter has given us.”

Damage like the countless potholes that will need to be filled this spring.

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