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Seasonal yard waste pickup begins in Lansing


It didn’t really feel like it this morning, but springtime clean-up is underway in Lansing.

Lansing yard waste pickup services start back up this week, and Public Service Director Andy Kilpatrick has a few reminders for people starting with the basics of what exactly yard waste is.

“Basically it’s anything that’s in your yard, so if you have small branches that fall that’s yard waste, grass clippings– yard waste, leaves are yard waste,” Kilpatrick said.

As for what’s not allowed…

“If people have trees, that’s not yard waste. No metal, no trash, no other stuff you’re just trying to get rid of, no rocks,” Kilpatrick said.

All waste should be put into brown waste bags or bundled up no more than four feet long and tied with twine. Yard waste in plastic bags or bags weighing more than thirty pounds will not be picked up.

People are however encouraged to compost when possible. This would include leaving grass clippings on your yard, and using shredded leaves, grass, hay, straw, pine needles, and other yard materials as mulch.

“We had twenty thousand cubic yards of yard waste that we collected last year and we have to pay for every single yard that we drop off, so the less people put out, the more they actually take care of it on their property the better it is for everyone,” Kilpatrick said.

East Lansing offered it’s first free pickup today, but if you missed it, another will be offered on May 13. If pickup isn’t available in your area, there are some places you can drop off your waste. 

“We take our yard waste either Granger or Hammond farms, so I would encourage people if they do not have collection in their area they can call those places,” Kilpatrick said.

You can also check with your township to find out more about local drop off locations. The Holt Lions Club and the Delhi Township Department of Public Services are also teaming up to offer residents more free brush drop-off days. Those dates can be found here.

More information on Lansing’s yard waste requirements can be found on the City’s website

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