LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) — Jocelyn Benson was all smiles as she was sworn in for her second term as Michigan’s Secretary of State.

Michigan Supreme Court Justice Elizabeth Welch administered Benson’s oath.

Benson highlighted how Michigan has seen successes in the past four years.

“Over the last four years, we carried out the highest turnout elections in our state’s history,” said Benson. “Michigan is now a national leader in fair and secure and accessible elections.”

She additionally touched upon the Michigan Independent Citizens Redistricting Commission, as well as decreased wait times at the SoS office.

As for the next four years?

“We will fight to recenter our political discourse on the facts and the truth,” said Benson. “We will fight to ensure government operates transparently, to earn the trust of all. And we will fight to enact stronger protections for the people who make our democracy work.”

To hear Jocelyn Benson’s full speech, watch the video in the player above.