LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) – The Secure MI Vote group turned in over 500,000 signatures to the bureau of elections today to do what members of the group say can help restore faith in our elections.

“We don’t believe there’s room for any fraud in our elections,” Secure MI Vote spokesman Jamie Roe said.

That’s why members of the Secure MI Vote group say they believe their initiative will strengthen the security of elections through enhancements to election laws.

Jamie Roe is a spokesman for Secure MI Vote and said its focus is on identification.

“The main item in our petition is to make certain that every voter has to show a government-issued photo ID before they cast their ballot,” Roe said.

According to the National Conference of State Legislatures, Michigan is among 36 states in the U.S. that request some form of identification before voters cast their ballots.

But here in Michigan, having an ID at the polls is not required. Roe said that as a result, it creates loopholes in our election process.

“We ask that you show a photo ID, but if you don’t, you sign an affidavit, you cast your ballot it gets counted and you leave,” he said.

Roe also said that the Secure MI Vote initiative will change that.

“If you don’t have your ID, you fill out the same affidavit and you cast your vote and it’s set aside. Then you have six days to come back and show your ID to the clerk and then your ballot is counted,” Roe said.

One group that does not support Secure MI Vote, said its’ initiative will do more harm than good when it comes to voting in Michigan.

“Secure MI Vote has spent millions of dollars spreading misinformation and misleading voters in their efforts to make it actually harder to vote,” Voters Not Politicians Deputy Director Jamie Lyons-Eddy said.

Jamie Lyons-Eddy is the Deputy Director of Voters Not Politicians. According to its website, the group believes that political power belongs to the people, and Lyons-Eddy said that Secure MI Vote isn’t thinking about them.

“They will use this loophole in the Michigan constitution to put this right to the legislature which can enact it without it going in front of the voters or the governor. We will not stop exposing disinformation by Secure MI Vote and any other group that seeks to disenfranchise voters and perpetuate lies,” Lyons- Eddy said.

Roe said he believes the Secure MI Vote initiative will be successful.

“We’re confident that if the legislature gets our petition that they will vote yes on it, and it will become law,” he said.