LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) — Michigan Senator Debbie Stabenow (D), a Michigan State University alumna, has called for the resignation of the MSU Board of Trustee (BOT) Chair Rema Vassar.

This comes in light of multiple scandals involving MSU including a letter this week from Trustee Brianna Scott who laid out allegations of wrongdoing by the Chair.

“These last few months have been incredibly difficult for our Spartan family, which is why having the right leadership at the university couldn’t be more important,” Sen. Stabenow wrote in a statement. “The allegations against Board Chair Rema Vassar this week are extremely serious. Chair Vassar has clearly lost the trust of students, faculty, alumni and many of the MSU board members. I sincerely believe it’s in the best interest of the University and our state for her to resign from the board immediately.

“For the MSU community to move forward, we need new leadership we can all trust. This means board members must comply with all parts of any investigations into the deeply disturbing incidents involving the university over the last few months. It’s time for new leadership and a new start for a great school – Michigan State University.”

Overnight, Vassar responded to Scott’s allegations with a letter defending her actions.

Monday, Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer, also an MSU alumna, commented on this latest scandal. “The allegations in yesterday’s (Sunday) report are deeply concerning,” Whitmer wrote. “If accurate, it would be a huge breach of the public’s trust. This university has been rocked by scandal after scandal with no clear unified leadership or direction and tragically no accountability either. Right now, there are too many questions and not enough answers. The university owes it to students, alumni, and our entire state to get to the bottom of this and take appropriate action.”