LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) — State lawmakers have released messages sending their respects to Spartan Nation after a deadly shooting at Michigan State University on Monday night.

U.S. Senator Gary Peters hopes that the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives can make headway on gun safety legislation.

“This is just intolerable,” said Peters. “We have to take action.”

Peters added that a vast majority of the American people believe that some sort of action should be taken.

Closing the loopholes was something that Peters heavily emphasized, citing gun shows and online purchases as places where people who should not have weapons are able to buy guns.

“If we cannot pass legislation that will literally save lives and is supported by over 85% of the American people, that is absolutely outrageous,” continued Peters. “I’m gonna keep working to make that a reality.”

The senator said that nearly 100 people die as a result of gun violence daily, with half of those deaths being suicides.

“We know that there is no one simple solution,” remarked Peters. “There’s no one thing that’s gonna make all of this go away.”

Even though there is not an easy solution, Peters said that lives can be saved.

“Let’s celebrate saving lives whenever we can.,” said Peters. “Let’s take action. Enough is enough.”

Peters is “encouraged” that Democrats have a majority in the Michigan Senate and House, and said that he is hopeful that the state government will make progress in terms of gun safety,

Police have confirmed that suspected shooter Anthony McRae had mental health issues, and Peters said that mental health is something that the nation should invest in.

“We understand how important it is to provide treatment for people who are dealing with some significant challenges, and we need to continue to provide more resources when it comes to the delivery of mental health services,” said Peters.