LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) – Michigan lawmakers met Monday to announce a bill that will allow residents to change discriminatory language in their housing deeds.

Senator Sarah Anthony held a free Restrictive Covenants Removal Fair for Ingham County locals, where they could start that process right away.

Senator Anthony took to the podium in front of dozens who had a hand in a bi-partisan bill that was signed back in December by Governor Whitmer.

Covenants preventing the sale of a home based on race, religion, and other factors are not only illegal but can still be found in many deeds.

But for the first time, Anthony said residents have the tools to make changes so that down the line, other home buyers in mid-Michigan won’t be subject to these restrictions.

“There are deeds that are very explicit. That says that women are not allowed to own this home. Or people of color, or Jewish individuals that they are not allowed to live in certain culdesacs and neighborhoods,” said Anthony.

Even though Monday’s event was just for a day, the Register of Deeds office in Mason is now open for people to come in and remove offensive language from their deeds.

Anthony says other registers across Michigan have resources as well to expunge restrictive housing provisions.