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Senior Leadership Helps Mason Girls Golf Get Closer


Since the COVID-19 Pandemic postponed all close contact high school sports in the Mid-Michigan area, the Mason Bulldogs Girls Golf team has become extremely thankful to be able to compete. No one is more appreciative of the opportunity to play their sport than the Mason senior class.

“Well I feel really luck knowing that a lot of kids aren’t going to be able to have their senior seasons or might have their senior seasons later in the year,” said senior Grace Whipple. “It’s definitely different to be having to distance, not being able to take the flag out, no water on the course. But it’s…it’s great overall.”

As the team began to regroup and reconnect after the quarantine this summer, senior Anna Shoemaker took the initiative to hold player-only practices. The practices helped the senior class get to know the large freshman class coming into their first year playing at Mason. The result, bringing Shoemaker and her teammates closer together.

“I really wanted to make sure that we were all bonding as a team and I wanted to make sure that the little stuff that we needed to learn was out of the way, so we could work on the bigger things during practice with the coaches,” said Shoemaker.

Mason’s Head Coach, Kirk Petee, knows the invaluable character in Shoemaker’s leadership.

“When you have a girl like Anna Shoemaker willing to lead practices and not have to be an adult coach telling them what to do and things like that, says a lot about her but it also feeds that potential makes the future really bright,” said Petee.

Shoemaker’s goal is to make her teammates feel right at home.

“I try and make sure I can get an individual connection with people before I hang out with a whole group and I work with people just so that we can figure out and they can know I’m here to help,” said Shoemaker.

“I think it’s really great just to have girls that we know are gonna get along with the other girls for the rest of the season,” said Whipple.

“We’re like a family, when we’re spending time together we are hanging out having fun even if we didn’t play very well that day we are having fun afterwards and always laughing,” said Shoemaker.

The Bulldogs are set to host the Sun Dried Invitational against multiple teams in Mid-Michigan starting on Monday morning at 9 a.m. Stay with 6 Sports for full coverage of the Sun Dried Invitational on Monday evening.

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