LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) – Lansing’s J.W. Sexton High School now has a new mascot. Again.

The Lansing School Board of Education first picked the Sexton Scorpions last month, but the final choice is the Sexton J Dubbs.

The mascot references the full name of the school, J.W. Sexton, as well as the word dub, which is short for W, which is slang for a win.

Last month, the student body brought its top five names to the board. A community survey showed high support for J Dubbs.

The district was awarded a grant worth more than $87,000 from the Native American Heritage Fund this summer to change the old Big Reds mascot.

At the same meeting tonight, district leaders voted to pass a new five-year strategic plan. The plan aims to increase the graduation rate to 85%, boost student participation in after-school activities, and develop district trust, safety, and inclusiveness by 2027.

The adoption comes days after a recent state report named 13 Lansing schools in need of a state partnership to improve academic performance.