UPDATE: The shelter-in-place order has been lifted. Athletes were released to their parents.

Police say the suspect that spurred that shelter-in-place order, Travis Harlan, 30, was traveling on M-43 when his car broke down.

Officers stopped to assist but then discovered Harlan had warrants and attempted to handcuff him. Police say that Harlan proceeded to flee, and drugs were found in the abandoned vehicle.

Police are still searching for Harlan. He is not believed to be a threat to the community.

GRAND LEDGE, Mich. (WLNS) – Football players are sheltering in place at Grand Ledge High School.

A suspect, Travis Harlan, 30, who reportedly fled police nearby has caused football players at Grand Ledge to be held in the school in a shelter-in-place situation, the team announced via its official Twitter account.

The players will remain in the school until police announce it is safe to leave.

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