LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) — A Michigan sheriff is pleading with hunters participating in deer firearm season to help out in the search for a missing woman’s body.

The Ogemaw County Sheriff’s Office is asking deer hunters in the Mills and Richland Township area to keep an eye out for signs of a missing Flushing woman, Kelly McWhirter, whose body is suspected by investigators to have been buried in that area.

According to the sheriff, tips submitted to the McWhirter investigation have indicated her body could be in either the fields or forests in the Mills and Richland Township area. The sheriff says things to look out for are dirt that appears disturbed, unexplained ruts in and around trails, and anything in general that appears to be strange or out of the ordinary.

McWhirter disappeared from her home in Flushing in October following a confrontation with her husband, Steven Higgins. Higgins is believed by law enforcement to have killed McWhirter but died from a self-inflicted gunshot wound following a confrontation with police.

“No tip is too small to be investigated at this point. Your help in this is greatly appreciated,” a recent social media post from the Ogemaw County Sheriff’s Office said.

If you or somebody you know spots something, you may call the Ogemaw County Sheriff’s Office at 989-345-3111, or Ogemaw Central Dispatch at 989-345-9911.