LANSING TOWNSHIP, Mich. (WLNS) – The hand gun used in the murder-suicide at Jo-Ann Fabrics in Lansing Township on Monday was stolen from a local indoor gun range.

According to Lansing Township Police, 30-year-old Timothy Olin rented a gun at Total Firearms in Mason before leaving with it illegally and driving to the Jo-Ann Fabrics store on West Saginaw Street where he used it to kill his ex-girlfriend, 25-year-old Rachel Duncan.

Just a few days before the shooting, Duncan had taken a personal protection order out on Olin. Her family told police that recent incidents between the two made Duncan feel that Olin threatened her safety.

A personal protection order helps people protect themselves from someone who is threatening, hurting or harassing them, causing them to fear for their personal safety. 

Because Duncan had a PPO against Olin, he was not supposed to have any firearms, or any assaultive behavior, according to Lansing Township Police Chief Adam Kline.

In fact, after Olin was served the PPO, police in Eaton County confiscated his firearms but that didn’t stop him from getting his hands on one.

Police say earlier this month, Olin tried to buy a handgun from Dicker and Deal, a second hand store, but was turned down for transfer after business owners learned he had a PPO in place.

Under Michigan law, if a person wants to buy a handgun, that person must have valid Michigan identification with their current address. In addition, they must undergo an FBI background check, which can be done at the gun store. A response will be generated in minutes.

However, a person can rent or handle firearms at any range in the United States because a federal background check is not required. So, even though Olin was denied from purchasing a gun at Dicker and Deal, he could rent one to shoot at the range with no problem at Total Firearms.

And that’s exactly what police said he did. On Monday, Olin successfully rented a gun at Total Firearms, used it for about an hour, but left with it and never came back.

That gun is what allowed Olin to shoot Duncan multiple times, killing her, before turning the gun on himself.

A store manager at Total Firearms declined to comment on this story and referred all questions to police. 

According to police, Olin left his license behind and by the end of the night, the store discovered that the gun was missing, and tried to get into contact with Olin.

It wasn’t until police showed up at Total Firearms the next day, that workers discovered Olin had illegally left with it.

Lansing Township Police continue to investigate the shooting. Anyone with information can contact the department by calling (517) 485-1700.