Shoppers get a head start on Black Friday deals

You’re leftovers are probably already in the fridge but big box stores across the country are just heating up some of their best deals of the year for Black Friday.

It’s that time of year again when people stand in line for hours to snag deals on anything from electronics to board games.

This year, many stores like Toys R Us opened as early as 5pm on Thanksgiving day.

So even before the turkey hit the table, shoppers were out in full force, on a mission with one goal in mind.

“We actually celebrated thanksgiving early this year so we could come out here, daughter really wanted a dollhouse,” says Sumedh Mokashi.

“We eat about 12 o’clock, rest, clean up, and then come out,” says Joelle Bass.

For shoppers like Joelle Bass and Donna Cohoon, they say diving in to the Black Friday madness is an experience they look forward to every year.

“With two kids that I have at home, usually they’re always with us. This is our only time to get out and enjoy shopping without the little ones running around,” says Bass.

In fact, Bass says it’s a tradition they’ve had for the last decade.

“We’ve stood out there in the rain, we’ve stood out there in the snow, it’s worth it. It is worth it, it’s just fun, it’s not stressful, I just enjoy it,” says Bass.

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