Six Lansing neighborhoods will likely see major flooding

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Hundreds of people living in six Lansing neighborhoods were given a evacuation checklist on Wednesday, with a highly recommended request to leave the area.

Lansing emergency managers say the Grand and Red Cedar rivers will continue to rise and will reach major flooding levels by Friday morning. Emergency management chief Mike Tobin says this will cause flood waters to spill into the areas of Urbandale, Sycamore Park, Knollwood Willow, Baker, Cherry Hill, and Riverside.

The evacuation is not mandatory, but Tobin believes up to 500 homes may get flooded and promises for those who decide to leave, their property will be protected.

“We have security measures in place to protect neighborhoods when they are gone. We understand that people are very concerned about leaving.”

For those who evacuate, but don’t find family or friends to stay with, the Red Cross will be opening a shelter. The Letts Community Center on Kalamazoo will welcome people starting at noon on Thursday. Emergency pet sheltering will be available through local animal shelters.

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