LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) — As the political debate over abortion rights rages on, the issue could be a major focal point in the race for attorney general in Michigan.

Many did not know the name of Matthew DePerno until he was hired as a lawyer for former Rep. Todd Courser, who had had an affair with a fellow lawmaker.

Now, supported by a boost from former President Donald Trump, DePerno is set on being Michigan’s next attorney general.

On the other side of the aisle, Attorney General Dana Nessel says that she will not enforce Michigan’s 1931 law making abortion a felony in the state.

Though DePerno says he’s for equality for women, he also says he will enforce the law.

“That fetus has a right to live so when you deal with these two situations, I will always side in the right of life,” said DePerno.

Nessel favors a woman’s right to choose and says she wants the state Supreme Court to toss out the 1931 abortion law.

Deperno contends compassion is needed in this debate.

“What we need to focus on in this debate is compassion. We have to understand and help women who get into this situation,” said DePerno. “There are also many adoption clinics. There are many families trying to adopt babies.”

Some aren’t on board with DePerno.

“When I listen to him talk, it’s frightening. It’s crazy, mysterious, spooky, and for people like me, we will be set back,” said Detroit Minister Horace Sheffield.

Others say the issue is so heavily debated for the sake of voting.

“Both political parties are trying to figure out if this emotional abortion disagreement will motivate more Democrats or Republicans to vote in the fall,” said former Democratic Party Chair Mark Brewer.