LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) – The James Craig campaign for governor reports that it knew these protestors would be at the candidate’s event last Tuesday, and according to the chief strategist John Yob, they thought it would be a positive to have them there if it was peaceful.

On Twitter, Mr. Yob wrote, “We planned (the event) in a public area intentionally with the understanding that protestors would be part of the announcement. We viewed that as a positive.”

Political observer Bill Ballenger says the Craig campaign thought they could control the protestors.

“They thought they would wrangle around in the background and not distract from Craig’s announcement. they were wrong. I think they wanted them as props and they did not want a disruption,” said Ballenger.

The Craig campaign says peaceful protests in public “are a relevant part of civil discourse.” but it blames the state DNR “for allowing radical leftists to disrupt the event.”

The DNR says it never agreed to provide security.

Political reporter Chad Livengood thinks the Craig campaign wanted to drum up some interest in the event because it was old news that Mr. Craig was running for governor.

While Mr. Craig’s handlers were blaming Governor Gretchen Whitmer for not providing the law enforcement to keep the protestors at bay, the candidate continues to criticize her on a number of fronts.

When asked if Governor Whitmer has done anything right, Craig had this to say:

“I can’t point to what she has done right. maybe early on. I don’t know. I’ve not thought about that.”