Skubick: Debate could test Trump if he gets too aggressive


LANSING, Mich (WLNS) – Assuming Donald Trump agrees to debate Hillary Clinton later this month, the political observers are wondering how Mr. Trump will act with a female opponent in the ring.

Nobody complained when two guys, Marco Rubio and Chris Christie went at in a debate.

But when Donald Trump took on the lone female on the debate stage he got some push back.

Could he get in trouble if he is too aggressive against his Democratic opponent?

When asked how voters respond when a man attacks a woman during a debate pollster Bernie Porn said there could be trouble ahead. “The general rule of thumb is they do not take kindly to it.”

In 2006 governors primary, the two male candidates were aggressive in taking on Jennifer Granholm and afterwards, the two men were criticized for ganging up on her.

Then in the general election debate Republican candidate Dick Posthumous called Ms. Granholm, “Jennifer, Jennifer, Jennifer” and women in particular thought that it was condescending.

Ms. Clinton has experience debating a man, but Bernie Sanders is no Donald Trump. “When you think about the things that he has said in the last week or so if he uses those some words again in a debate, that could cause serious problems for him'” says the pollster.

Political consultant Bob Kolt wonders if Mr. Trump is disciplined enough to back off his rhetorical attacks. “I think the debate form for Donald Trump is all bad and there’s a lot of downside risk,” said Kolt. “I think it would be smart to advise Donald Trump to tap it down but it’s just not his nature.”

The first debate is set for September 26 if Mr. Trump agrees to attend.

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