Skubick: Equity funding necessary for students with special needs


When Governor Gretchen Whitmer signed the new K-12 budget bill guaranteeing $8700 for every public school student in the state, it was a major win for students, parents and schools. Despite what feels like a conclusion, the school funding debate is far from over.

While the state is treating every student the same with the respective $8700, there are some students in those halls who need additional attention.

Even though the state is sending extra dollars to cover those services now, lawmakers are now being asked to create what educators are calling a new “equity funding formula” for students with learning disabilities and special needs.

“It is our hope now that we can have a serious conversation to focus on how students are funded based on needs because we know that every student is unique and they need different things going into the classroom.”

Representative Phil Green sits on the house education committee and he understands that the public might be asking… what more do you want?

“As a citizen you can read that very easily and be frustrated and say what more do you want. However, and that is a big however, we know there is plenty of work to do inside of our education system.”

Having been a former school administrator, Green has seen the need for more help.

“It is just a given that it costs more money to educate students which IEPs’ and special needs than a normal student, therefore that is something that is going to need to be addressed.”

Former Democratic Representative Zemke is hoping that other Republicans agree with Representative Green.

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