Skubick: Governor and state school head differ on armed guards in Michigan schools


Gov. Rick Snyder is telling 6 News Capitol correspondent Tim Skubick he will release a school/gun safety agenda that will not include placing armed guards in every Michigan school.

But the state school superintendent disagrees.

The governor was talking to educators this week but not on the topic of gun safety in the schools.

In the wake of the 17 shooting deaths at a Florida school, the governor has ordered an extensive review.

“We need to learn from each of those horrific instances of what could have been done differently or better,” explained Gov. Snyder.

The governor in Florida recently signed a $500 million measure to place armed guards in every school there.

Michigan’s governor won’t go there.

“That’s a real challenge. I don’t think that is the answer that we should run to. Florida had guards. So the real question is how can we create an environment when we can identify problem situations.”

But the state school superintendent wants guards in every school.

“Very much supportive,” said Brian Whitson. “There should be law enforcement or security guards in all schools.”

The two do agree that teachers should not have guns.

But Mr. Whitson is willing to allow local schools to make that decision.

“I don’t overall favor that but I know in some communities they can do that.”

The governor and school superintendent also favor Red Flag laws that allow the police to confiscate guns from alleged mass shooters before they shoot anyone.

As for the price tag on his school gun safety proposal?

The governor is not sure, yet.

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