(WLNS) – School administrators and school board members were in town Tuesday and when asked if concealed weapons should be allowed in schools, the entire audience said no. 6 News Capitol correspondent Tim Skubick reports, however, a state senator favors that.

These four legislators attended the conference and when the issue of guns in schools came up the audience was asked to applaud if it opposed guns in schools.

Rep. Amanda Price has a concealed weapon permit but she says she would not carry it into a school.

Sen. Phil Pavlou carries his concealed weapon and he finds nothing wrong with that. Although he believes schools should consider other safety measures to protect children. “When you talk about school safety, there’s a number of considerations we covered metal detectors, we covered security, and we covered police in the building, it’s an issue.”

Reporter: “You think inherently schools are safer if someone has a concealed weapon in there?”

Sen. Pavlou: “I think so, yes.”

State Rep. Adam Zemke has an opposing view. “I disagree. I don’t think we need more guns in schools. It’s not one size fits all. I just don’t think expanding this is good for everyone. Carrying guns is not the solution.”

Some in the audience support the second amendment but school board member Tom Reed reacts to Senator Pavlou.

Reporter: “The senator says the schools are safer.”

Tom Reed: “Yes, he did.”

Reporter: “You didn’t buy it?”

Tom Reed: “I agree with what was said that I think you need a lot more training and I’m afraid teachers don’t have the time to get that sort of train and keep it up.”