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Skubick: How will Trump, Clinton affect local candidates?


LANSING, MI (WLNS) – With Donald Trump declaring himself to be the presumptive Republican candidate for president, the political players in this town are wondering does that help or hurt Republican members of the House who are running for reelection.

“As I look at the seats that matter to us, I’d rather have Donald Trump on the top of the ticket than, than Hillary Clinton,” said State Rep. Aric Nesbitt, House Republican Campaign Chair.

“Well I think it helps does Democrats. Trump has been saying some pretty outrageous things,” said State Rep. Jeff Irwin (D), former campaign chair.

House Democrats need to win nine new seats in order to take control of the house from the Republicans.

This Republican from West Michigan has no idea what a Trump candidacy would mean for him, which makes him slightly uncomfortable.

“It’s a crap shoot at this point in time. I can’t really get a pulse of it back in the district,” said State Rep. Roger Victory (R), West Michigan.

Reporter: “Would you be more comfortable he wasn’t at the top?”

State Rep. Victory: “At this point in time, it’s still a question.”

The Republican who is running the house reelection campaign, believes it is the Democrats who will be hurt by their candidate Hillary Clinton, but either way his advice is:

“In terms of, of House Republicans here, here in Michigan, we’re going to be running our own campaigns and individual campaigns,” said State Rep. Aric Nesbitt.

But the former House Democrat campaign chair thinks that Mr. Trump is so out of step with Republicans in Michigan, that that could hurt them.

“I think it makes it hard to make that connection between the down ballot values and the values of those candidates and the values of the candidate at the top,” said State Rep. Jeff Irwin.

The unanswered question is if these are the candidates, what will the voter turnout be. That’s what the candidates running for the house are trying to figure out as they consider their own political fate and how it may be tied to those two.

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