Skubick: Interim MSU president Engler begins reorganization

LANSING, Mich (WLNS) – In the wake of the Larry Nassar sexual abuse ordeal at Michigan State University, the interim president is revamping the health care delivery system at the university.

Interim MSU president John Engler is on a mission change the culture at his alma mater and part of that change will be in the transparency, safety and quality of health care services for students the East Lansing community.

The Dean of the Medicine Department says when he returned to campus a year ago, he found this.

“There would be a community that needs hope more than any other place in the country,” Dr. Normam Beauchamp. “People came to us and we failed them.”

The reorganization will include placing athletic trainers under the health care system and Mr. Engler wants to reduce the wait time for victims who have mental health issues.

“The mental health services need to be faster and we need to reduce the time that we can see you,” said Engler.

The president reports there’s been a spike on campus of reported sexual abuse and he reports a law firm has been hired to bring six additional investigators in to reduce the backlog of cases.

But it’s been reported that the law firm did work for Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein, who is accused of sexual abuse.

The president reports the female attorney and her colleague had nothing to do with that.

“Her colleague, who was assigned to this backlog, had nothing to do with what happened in Hollywood,” insists Engler. “They are focused on sexual assaults.”

Mr. Engler points out that Larry Nasser, who was on the campus for twenty years, was the exception and not the norm in the health care system.

“Nassar was the cancer here. He was one person who abused and violated the trust for a long period of time,” Engler said. “At the same time, over that twenty years, people treated thousands of patients successfully for decades.”

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