Skubick: Is there a rift between Snyder & Schuette?


LANSING, Mich (WLNS) – Republican Gov. Rick Snyder and Republican Attorney General Bill Schuette have been at odds recently over a number of legal issues leading to some to wonder how the two are getting along.

Attorney General Bill Schuette filed a lawsuit against the EPA even though Gov. Rick Snyder did not sign off on the case.

And the governor launched his own investigation into the Flint water crisis without notifying the attorney general.

Then this week, the governor decided to appeal a teacher retirement issue but Mr. Schuette said he would not provide a state government lawyer but would find an outside special council if the governor wanted that.

So is there a rift between these two? Mr. Schuette thinks reporters are “over thinking the whole thing.”

“You in the press corps kind of over think these things and provide greater scrutiny than it might deserve,” said Schuette.

Mr. Schuette reports the relationship with the governor “is fine” while conceding the two Republicans “We’re different. We’re calibrated differently and I think that’s OK.”

The governor has never publicly criticized Mr. Schuette, although his office reports it has been “puzzled” by some of Mr. Schuettes behavior.

An inside source reports the governor thinks Mr. Schuette is a “publicity hound.”

Governor Rick Snyder is not taking a lot of time trying to analyze his relationship with Mr. Schuette. But in Grand Rapids today he said it was a professional relationship.

(Reporter) It sounds like there’s a little rift between the two of you. (Gov.) Well, again, anytime you have more than one person people can have different perspectives. (Reporter) Somebody said that you described him as quote a publicity hound. (Gov.) No. I’ve not used those terms to describe the attorney general (Reporter) Not even in private? (Gov.) No. Not to my knowledge.

All this back and forth is against the backdrop of Mr. Schuette gearing up to run for governor, in all likelihood against the governor’s second in command, Lt. Gov. Brian Calley.

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