Skubick: Lawmaker looks to bypass MSU Police on campus sexual assault cases


LANSING, Mich (WLNS) – Legislation has been introduced to bypass the Michigan State University police on any future sexual abuse assault cases on campus.

The sponsor of the proposal is saying he wants to guard against any institutional bias that could creep into any probe.

The governor and first lady are fighting sexual abuse on college campuses but the governor tells lawmakers, more needs to be done.

“We’re looking at some additional resources to see what else can be done,” says Gov. Rick Snyder.

Republican House member Rep. Klint Kesto is doing more right now.

He’s got legislation that would force college coaches and others to report sexual abuse to the Michigan State Police.

There is no such mandate now.

“We had some mandates in the past in the K-12 system,” explains Rep. Kesto. “This goes further and includes colleges, university and athletic department.”

How the MSU campus police handled Larry Nassar complaints is being reviewed for any possible wrongdoing.

Rep. Kesto wants to avoid any conflict of interest by telling students to report future complaints directly to the Michigan State Police leaving the campus police out of the process.

“So that you’re not always going through that college or university because we don’t want them to look out for their own interest, and maybe protect their school, their coaches, their team doctor,” adds Rep. Kesto.

The lawmaker is waiting to get material from msu as his committee is looking into policy changes that need to be implemented on all campuses.

In the meantime he also thinks MSU trustee Joel Ferguson should resign for his “arrogant” comments surrounding the Nassar ordeal.

He’s not buying that Ferguson’s apology.

“It was probably a good political apology,” states the lawmaker.

Mr. Ferguson says he will not resign.

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