Skubick: Lawmakers could take legal pot question out of voter hands


Michigan voters would not get a chance to vote on legalized pot this November under a Senate Republican proposal to legalize pot now and then change the law to include an income tax rollback.  

Sen. Steve Bieda says “somebody has been smoking medical marijuana.”

Senate Republican leader Arlan Meekhof wants his collegues to legalize pot, thus taking away from the voters a chance to do that in November.

“They want to supress the turnout in 2018,” insists Democratic candidate for governor Abdul El Sayed

All of the Democratic candidates for governor oppose the Republican plan.

I’m not surprised,” said Gretchen Whitmer. “This is what rRepublicans do all the time. They try to undermine the voters. Let the people decide.”

But Senate Republican leader Meekhof argues if lawmakers legalize pot then they can come back and make changes to make it better. Plus, having a tax cut in an election year helps his members get reelected.

Not all the Republicans running for governor concur.

Dr. Jim Hines says, “Before we can decrease taxes let’s get these crazy roads fixed.”

State Senator Patrick Colbeck insists “our focus should be making the case that this is a bad legisltion and it may be good poltics but bad policy.

The lieutenant governor likes the tax cut but declines to take a stance on legalizing pot to get it.

“I’m not going to take a hypothetical position,” says Brian Calley. “I’d have to see what they come up with.”

Even though candidate Bill Schuette opposes legalized pot, if it included a tax cut, he’s on board.
“If they get that done, I’d say yeah,” claims Schuette.

Senate Democratic leadership says they’ll oppose this “scheme.”

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