Skubick: Lawmakers return to bitter feelings


LANSING, Mich (WLNS) – After a 27 day holiday break, Michigan lawmakers return to the Capitol Wednesday for what could be a very contentious session.

6 News asked Capitol Correspondent Tim Skubick to set the stage for us tonight on what the governor and lawmakers will be facing when they return.

There are no lights on the state Christmas tree. They took that down last week.

The holiday break that commenced in the middle of December, now but a fond memory as both the House and the Senate prepare to return to action tomorrow. So what is the mood?


“It is a little shaky, you know,” said State Rep. Adam Zemke (D), Ann Arbor.

The governor and lawmakers will immediately confront two major crises: the health care crisis due to lead contaminated water in Flint and the education crisis in Detroit where hundreds of teachers are not in the classroom.

While there is joy over the rebounding domestic auto industry, Democrats are not joyful about they were treated at the end of the year as the House Republicans passed bills the Democrats did not like. And democrats remember.

Reporter: ‘That last final days were ugly.”

State Rep. Zemke: “Uhh yes, that’s correct. You know, it was very partisan, uhh the last week, uhh, of session of last year. And so I know that people have not forgotten it, I have not forgotten it. Umm but, uhh, you know, we’ll see how people react when we get back up here tomorrow.”

“Well, it’s, it’s election year so we’re going to expect some of that. I think we have to respect each other in our roles that way,” said Rep. Ken Yonker (R), West Michigan.

Next Tuesday the governor delivers his State of the State message without a broken Achilles heel this year. But he’s got some broken relationships to address if he has any hopes of passing his agenda in the New Year on a bi-partisan basis.

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