Skubick: Lt. Gov. Gilchrist says hesitancy over vaccine could prevent herd immunity


LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) – Michigan is more than halfway to its goal of 70% of adults vaccinated, but Lieutenant Governor Garlin Gilchrist says people who are hesitant to get the shot may stop the state from reaching that goal.

Even though the vaccination clinic at Ford Field was designed to vaccinate people of color, only 14% of Black people in Michigan have gotten the shot.

Supporters of former President Trump are also less likely to get the shot than Biden supporters, and Gilchrist claims Trump made politics a part of this problem.

“Politics have been part of the problem since the former President made it part of the problem a year ago,” said Gilchrist.

Another factor is age.

55% of those 18-39 “definitely” or “probably” won’t get vaccinated.

Gilchrist says the State will beef up its social media campaign and promote more one-on-one conversations with reluctant folks like his plumber.

“Even he came to me talking about how he was hesitant to get the shot. And so I talked to him about it and now he made it, he said “oh if you’re going to get it I’m going to get it,” said Gilchrist.

He did concede, however, that a few of his friends still won’t get the shot.

COVID is so rampant in Michigan that 17 of the nation’s 20 hotspots are in Michigan, with Flint being number one, Detroit number 6 and Lansing number 20.

So what are the odds Michigan will reach 70% herd immunity?

Gilchrist says “greater than 50%,” saying he’s relying on Michiganders stepping up and doing the right thing.

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