Skubick: Michigan Democratic Party trying to find a unifying message

LANSING, Mich (WLNS) – There’s an internal debate unfolding in the state Democratic Party regarding what their message should be given they lost the state last November to Donald Trump.

It’s a problem that is dividing Democrats in Michigan.

Former Democratic congressman Bart Stupak asks “what does the Democratic party stand for? For the working class? Nothing.”

Democratic state Senator Rebekeah Warren adds “I think Democrats are talking an awful lot about economic issues.”

Almost a year after Michigan Democrats saw the state go “red” for the first time since 1998, the party is grappling with what their message should be.

Former Democratic congressman Stupak thinks the party is spending too much time on tangential issues such as gay rights.

Sen. Warren responds “I’m proud to be a champion for a lot of those issues that are not tangential to the people being represented by them.”

Donald Trump supporter and state Senator Joe Hune believes the president talked about bread and butter issues that more voters care about.

“I think social issues don’t need to be talked about in terms of winning elections,” offered Sen. Hune.

Democratic state Senator Steve Bieda thinks his party has the right message on the economy but doesn’t do a good job of communicating that with everyday voters.

Mr. Bieda says Hillary Clinton had an economic plan that was relatively complex while her opponent? “Her opponent sort of hit people over the head with it with a message that was simple and direct,” offered Sen. Bieda. “We don’t do good enough on the bigger economoic issues.

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