Skubick: New poll shows some lawmakers out of step with voters on LGBTQ rights


New polling data suggests some legislative Republicans may be out of step with the electorate on gay rights.

The LGBTQ community has been marching for years to expand the state’s civil rights law to ban discrimination in the work place and housing.

And while they have marched many legislative Republicans, including the leadership, have stood still refusing to include the gay citizens under that law.

Now comes new data from pollster Richard Czuba suggesting those Republicans are out of step with michigan residents.  83% say gays should not be fired because of their sexual orientation. 78% believes it’s wrong to fire a gay from their job for being gay. And 77% claim they would support a ballot proposal to expand those protections if lawmakers fail to act.

East Lansing Democrat State Senator Curtis Hertel Jr draws a parallel here.

Senator Hertel believes many people were late coming to the civil rights movement in the 1960s and they are behind the curve on this gay rights issue.

“There were groups of people that were on the wrong side of the 60s Civil Rights and they paid the price,” insists the senator. “I think at this point in history has decided this and they have to decide if they’re going to be on the right side of history or no.”

The two Republican legislative leaders argue religious freedom guarantees for non-gays need to be considered in this debate.

On the president campaign front, with the president set to announce his re-election bid next week, in Michigan he’s got some challenges. He continues to hold his base of outstate male support at 53% and 63% support from those with a high school education but

66% of the female high school graduates do not support him.

57% with some post high school education do not support him

and 55% of the college educated women are not backing him.

The president gets a big boost however from seniors over 65.

61% approve while 24% do not.

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